Banjo – Vintage 1976

1976 Banjo

Left Handed Banjo

Banjo Headstock

Banjo Headstock

Banjo Back


At an auction in Winston-Salem back in 1976, I picked up a tenor banjo for ten bucks. I used some of the hardware to build my own banjo — a left handed 5 string banjo. I also used the auction banjo to model my creation from, though that one had only 4 strings and no back. The neck is maple, and the back is made of walnut and maple. I made the tone ring (the main body of the banjo) from multiple segments rabbeted and then turned on the lathe.

I eventually learned to play about five songs on it, with the help of my college buddy Ike. Ike played guitar and banjo, and I think that somewhere there is still an old 8 track of several of us sitting in Ike’s living room in North Wilkesboro playing some old time music.

The banjo eventually got put away, and I have long ago forgotten the songs I knew. I don’t even remember how to tune it anymore.

I tried my hand at a few more musical instruments back in the 70’s, and there were a few pieces and parts still in my father’s old workshop the last time I was in there. I do have some of the old wood, which I hope to do something with.

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