Which End Up?

Crate Style Chair and Ottoman

When I got my first apartment back in 1977, I had no furniture. Crate furniture was quite popular at the time, so I proceeded to build some furniture. I built a crate chair, an ottoman, a crate sofa, a crate coffee table, two crate end tables, and a crate stand for my tv. While most of that stuff has now been replaced, I do still have the chair, ottoman, and the sofa. The cushions in both have been recovered numerous times, and the chair will be gone before too long. The sofa is surprisingly comfortable, and since it is located in an upstairs room, I suspect that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Thinking back to the process I used to design and build those pieces, I can see that I did learn quite a bit about joining wood and the quality of different species of wood. While these pieces are of a different quality level than the work I am doing today, They have held up from a functional standpoint, and the process of building these pieces gave me to confidence and desire to tackle other projects years later.

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One thought on “Which End Up?

  1. Gollum24601

    Could you email me measurements of the chair, ottoman, and couch? And/or additional pictures. I used a chair like this years ago. It was one of the most comfortable awards I have ever had the pleasure of using. Thank you for any help you can give. Gollum24601.forums@gmail.com

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