Dining Table Progress






The undercarriage of the dining room table is complete. Everything is glued up, with wedges in the through-tenons on the legs and the top stretchers. All of the dowels used to pin the tenons have been covered with a square ebony cap. In addition to the pegs, the tenons in the legs have also been wedged with ebony.

I have begun to experiment with finishing products and techniques. First, I have mixed up some garnet shellac by dissolving shellac flakes in denatured alcohol. Next, I have set several samples of white oak – some shellacked, and some natural – in a container with some industrial strength ammonia. Fuming white oak with ammonia gives it a unique darker color, as the tannin in the oak reacts with the ammonia.

The top has also been planed to just over an inch thick, and the lumber is ready to be cut and assembled. It is coming together!


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