Miter Saw Stand

Miter Saw Stand

This project came about through the desire to experiment with a few new woodworking techniques and some hardware which I had not used before. Plus, I am trying to make my workshop as portable and efficient as possible, which means everything on wheels, and creating storage space.  I have built many projects, but had not tried “face frame” construction, typically used in kitchen cabinets, etc. The face of the cabinet is built from a nice hardwood, and the sides are typically plywood, which is not visible unless the cabinet is opened. Also, all of the drawers I have built have used wooden slides, which work nicely, but many kitchen cabinets use “full extension” metal drawer slides, which allow drawers to be pulled all the way out, providing easy access to items way in the back. Someday, I intend to build new kitchen cabinets for our house, so I began by practicing on a garage cabinet to house my miter saw.

I used basic face frame techniques to construct the front, but taking a tip from a friend who grew up in a family of cabinet builders, I then cut a dado in the back of the face frame, and seated the plywood sides and bottom into the dado, creating a very strong structure. Most of the rest of the construction techniques are pretty standard to face frame construction. I was able to build three drawers below the work surface to help with my storage needs.

I used the full extension drawer slides for a purpose other than drawers, though. When cutting longer stock on the miter saw, I usually have to set up some stands to support the work. I used the drawer slides to build supports into the sides of the cabinet. When not in use, the slides go back inside the cabinet, out of the way. The supports attach on threaded rods, allowing adjustment.

Saw Supports on Drawer Slides

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