Inlay on the Head Stock

Inlaid Head Stock

Inlaid Head Stock

After doing this much work on the mandolin, I guess I will claim responsibility for its construction. The traditional way is with a name inlaid on the head stock. I began by selecting a typeface, and printed it out. I then took a small piece of mother of pearl and glued it to a thin piece of wood with Elmer’s Glue. I used spray adhesive to attach the printed paper to the inlay. After experimenting with several different blades on the jigsaw, I finally managed to get the letters cut out. Soaking the letters in water allowed to Elmer’s to dissolve, and the mother of pearl came free from the wood backing. Next, I cut the shapes into the head stock with an assortment of tiny gouges and small knife blades. Using a mixture of glue and sawdust, I created a paste which I placed in the holes. Next, I pressed the letters in, and let the paste fill around the cavity. Once it dried, I carefully scraped and sanded it all smooth.

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