A Couple of Craigslist Finds.

One of the best places to find tools at a good price is Craigslist. I confess to checking the website regularly, and have found some great deals. Here are two of my recent finds.

Grizzly 8 in. Jointer

Grizzly 8 in. Jointer


I got this jointer from a local gentleman who will be moving to a retirement community where he will not have room for a workshop. He had a huge basement shop, and was selling most everything. I got this jointer for about 15% of what a new one costs, and this one looks and performs like new. I am finding that it is indeed handy to have a jointer in the shop. I had devised several work-arounds to true up the edges of boards, but this is definitely several steps up from there.

I have added another 220v circuit and another run of ductwork for dust collection at the jointer, and have done a little bit of tuning up, and it is a welcome addition to my little workshop.



Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane

Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane


The other Craigslist find is something I have wanted to get for quite awhile as well. It is a very specialized tool, and though there are several manufacturers and several sizes, this is the exact shoulder plane that I had researched and decided to buy. This is a much needed tool when building anything with mortise and tenon joints. Unlike most other hand planes, the shoulder plane’s blade is the full width of the body, which means you can get all the way into a corner. This is my second plane by Veritas, and I am impressed with their overall quality. Without a shoulder plane, I was using a chisel to clean up the faces, cheeks and shoulders of the tenons. This plane makes that job much more accurate.

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2 thoughts on “A Couple of Craigslist Finds.

  1. David Lane, Minneapolis

    Gorgeous work on the mandolins and nice find on the Veritas plane. Just purchased their side rabbet plane to help with hand-cut grooves and dados. It’s proving to be very useful. Also, your entire string of posts is very helpful, including the good advice on finishing. Again, beautiful work on the mandolins. The stringing is exceptional!

  2. wilburton

    Thanks, I appreciate the kind comments. I hope to finish the second mandolin sometime, but the weather has gotten too cold to spray lacquer. So, I have put it aside for now. I am actually carving the top and back for a left handed mandolin in my spare time these days.
    Veritas tools are hard to beat. I have their little low angle block plane, and it is one of my favorite tools. I am currently saving up for a Lie Nielsen 4 1/2 smoothing plane. I do not yet have any of their tools, but I hear nothing but great things about LN. (I haven’t found one of those on Craigslist yet!)

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