An Inspiration: An Antique Dentist’s Desk

Antique Dentist's Desk

Antique Dentist’s Desk

I came across this desk recently at the home of a friend I was visiting. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, and I really liked the proportions and the unusual manner in which the roll top is constructed. There are numerous drawers , all quite shallow, and a small door at the bottom. The piece is made of quarter sawn white oak, which always seems to catch my eye.

Our kitchen does not have room for a desk like this, but I am going to use this piece as an inspiration to create something to fit in a small corner space. I will only have about 17″ x 33″ of floor space, so my design will not have room for a chair, but will be more of a cabinet. I hope to incorporate the shallow drawers, the little door at the bottom, and the high angle roll top in my design.

I have purchased some quarter sawn white oak lumber, and have studied methods for making the tambor for the roll top. I will mill the little slats individually, then use contact cement to attach them to canvas. I plan to make the roll top a separate piece from the main cabinet.

With the roll top open

With the roll top open

Too bad we don’t have room for a replica of this desk. I hope my creation will have some of the character this piece has.

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