Cabinet Progress

The weather has been so cold! Hard to do much work in an unheated garage workshop. I did break down and get a little propane heater that helps bring the temperature up a bit. But between the temperature and overtime at work, progress has been slow on the cabinet I am basing on the Dentist’s Desk. One of the more difficult activities in the cold weather is applying glue, which must be done at certain minimum temperatures. Springtime be welcome when it arrives.

Cabinet Progress

Cabinet Progress

Here is a picture of the progress on the piece.  It is beginning to take shape. The drawers have not yet been made; the fronts are merely sitting in the openings. There is still much to be done on the roll top. The top is rough cut to approximate size.  I still need to get the wood to build the drawers themselves — probably poplar with plywood bottoms. I hope to make some more progress this weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Cabinet Progress

  1. Looking good. I can’t get motivated to work in my unheated shop. My little space heater can’t overcome the cold when it is 15 outside (very cold for Alabama). Good luck with your project.

    • wilburton

      Hey, thanks Jeff. Its about 19 degrees here in NC, and I just endured about all the cold I could stand tonight out there, especially after working out in the cold all day. When I get a project underway, I get the urge to work on it despite the conditions. Otherwise, I think I would rather stay in the warm house!

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