Coffee and Tea Storage

A Place to Store Keurig Coffee K Cups

A Place to Store Keurig Coffee K Cups

I got the wife a Keurig Coffee maker for her birthday, and thought that she would need a place to put the little K-Cups that the machine requires. I had a bit of Katata lumber that I picked up from Steve Wall Lumber on a recent trip, so I put together this little storage box to go under the coffee maker. The drawer fronts are Padouk and the rest of the piece is of Katata. I was told at the lumber yard that Katata is also called Mexican Ebony, and it had a very nice dark, dark color. When I resawed the lumber, the new faces were not nearly as dark. It took several days for the newly exposed wood to darken. For some applications, Katata might do as an Ebony substitute, but certainly not for a fretboard on a mandolin.

The drawers are constructed with 1/4 inch box joints, and have a little cleat on the bottom that slides in a groove cut in the bottom.

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One thought on “Coffee and Tea Storage

  1. Donna

    Thanks honey! I love my new Keurig and especially the shelf and drawers. Great birthday present! ❤

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