A Few Odds and Ends

Completed Second Mandolin

Completed Second Mandolin



July 1st already! Hard to believe we are halfway through 2014. And, for July, my “Big Ash Workbench” is featured as the Workbench of the Month at the Lake Erie Toolworks website. Lake Erie Toolworks was my source for the large wooden screw (2 and a half inch diameter large!) which powers the bench’s leg vise. Very nice folks there at Lake Erie Toolworks, and I would recommend their stuff to anyone building a workbench.



To celebrate mid-year, I FINALLY finished my second mandolin. It was mostly finished months ago, but has been sitting on the sidelines, just waiting patiently to be completed. It still needed me to make the pickguard, then to get the finish rubbed out, put on some wax, get the bridge and nut adjustments made, and put some strings on it. The photo to the right shows the finished product.


Since I am left-handed I can’t really do anything with the mandolins I have made. I can’t play any other instruments, so there is no reason to think I would be able to play a mandolin either. But, the only way to know for sure is to make a left-handed mandolin. With a mandolin, most everything must be switched from one side to the other to go from right handed to left handed. I have begun that process, and we’ll see how this attempt goes.

So far, I have rough carved the back and the soundboard, roughed out the neck and bent the wood for the rim, which was being glued up in the photo showing my progress.

Beginning a left-handed Mandolin

Beginning a left-handed Mandolin

Making a mandolin is a slow process, with lots of intricate detailed work, so I have no time frame in mind for this project. If something else interesting comes up, this mandolin may take a back seat. We’ll see. Perhaps you will see me (struggling to) play a lefty mandolin before too long.

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