Carpal Tunnel

The Burton Workshop will be a bit quieter and less dusty for a few weeks as I recover from surgery to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, and to repair some nerve damage in my left elbow. The surgery will be July 16.

For several years, I have had increasing pain and numbness in both hands, but more intensely in my dominant left hand. My work with AT&T involves a lot of hand work with tools, as well as climbing, digging, etc. And most every aspect of woodworking involves using my hands. I have experienced an increasing problem with my hands becoming numb at night, often waking me up multiple times.

As I learned more about my condition, I found that leaving carpal tunnel syndrome untreated can result in permanent nerve damage. I can deal with the pain, but do not want to end up unable to use my hands. So, surgery was the only viable decision.

My main woodworking project at the moment is construction of a left handed mandolin. I will resume that build after my recovery period.

Here’s a photo showing current progress. I have roughed out all of the major components except the fretboard.


Lefty Mandolin Progress

Lefty Mandolin Progress

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3 thoughts on “Carpal Tunnel

  1. take good care of those hands, they make amazing things!

    • wilburton

      Thank you so much. I enjoy woodworking and hope this will allow me to continue doing what I love! This should turn out to be just a slight detour, ending up at a better outcome.

      • I am sure that is the case – follow the doc’s orders on rehab and all should be well again.

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