Left-Handed Mandolin

Left Handed Mandolin

Left Handed Mandolin

As I have noted before, I can’t play the mandolins I have built because I am left-handed, and they are made for the right-handed player. So, I have now built a left-handed mandolin. I am going to try to learn a little bit about playing, but I suspect that as a musician, I will be a much better woodworker. 

I tried to make this mandolin a mirror image of my second one. I used all the same woods, though I think I improved on some of my techniques. The finish is very similar to #2. It took some conscious thought to reverse some pieces, most notably the “compensated” bridge, which allows for a slightly different string length for each pair of strings.

Although building a mandolin takes a lot of time, it is quite fulfilling to string it up and get it set up upon completion. 

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