Woodworking in America

“Woodworking in America” will be held just up the road in Winston-Salem this year, and I plan to attend. The event is a national gathering of woodworkers from across the country who will be participating in  workshops over the course of two days. Several nationally known instructors will be conducting workshops on a variety of topics. In addition, there will be a marketplace with vendors from across the country. And, on Sunday, participants who have opted to purchase the three-day pass will be touring several Old Salem facilities, including the Single Brothers House, The Frank Horton Museum, and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA.) One of the exhibits on Sunday will feature workbenches used in Old Salem over the years. 

For those not familiar with Old Salem, the town was founded by Moravians in the 1760’s who had originally come to the New World and settled in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area. Eventually, the towns of Salem and Winston merged. The restoration of Old Salem began in the 1950’s, and features both restored and recreated structures. Exhibits and re-enactments showcase the way of life the town’s residents would have experienced in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Salem College, a four-year liberal arts college for women founded in 1772, is the 13th oldest college in the US, and the oldest women’s college.

Since I grew up in Winston-Salem, I am excited to have the chance to attend such an event as Woodworking in America in my old hometown. It should be a weekend filled with instruction, history, old friends, and perhaps the purchase of a new tool or two. 

For more information on the conference, here’s a link to the website: woodworkinginamerica.com

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