Woodworking in America – Postscript

Attending Woodworking in America September 12 – 14 was a superb way to spend a few days. I went for the full weekend, which entitled me to spend Sunday in Old Salem enjoying a behind-the-scenes tour of several buildings and exhibits. In many cases, the “Do Not Touch” rules were suspended for the day, allowing us to look at furniture construction by opening doors and drawers. There was a collection of workbenches, some of which dated back to the early 1800’s. In addition, there were tours of the joinery shop, the gunsmith’s shop, lots of time at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, and Salem Tavern Museum.

The event began with a breakfast and opening remarks by the folks from Old Salem and Popular Woodworking magazine. Weekend attendees then were allowed early entry into the Marketplace area, where vendors sold everything from antique infill planes to CNC machines. Among my favorite vendors: Lie Nielsen (from whom I bought a bronze apron plane,) Hock Tools, Lee Valley/Veritas (from whom I bought several items, including a low angle jack plane,) The Superior Works, who had hundreds of antique tools, and Blue Spruce Tools. The Marketplace held an amazing variety of power and hand tools of nearly every size and description. And, the NC Woodworkers had a great booth with projects designed for kids.

Most of my time was spent in classes on Friday and Saturday. I had a class on combination planes with Roy Underhill, of the Woodwright’s Shop TV show on PBS, a session on cutting dovetails by hand with Frank Klaus (who also gave me a personal critique and lesson at the Lie Nielsen booth after class,) and workshops on hand tool jigs, restoration projects at Old Salem, table saw joinery, and a class on Japanese hand tools.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Frank Klaus in the Lie Nielsen Booth

Frank Klaus in the Lie Nielsen Booth

The Superior Works Booth

The Superior Works Booth

Old Salem Joinery Shop

Old Salem Joinery Shop

Roy Underhill

Roy Underhill

Vintage Old Salem Workbench

Vintage Old Salem Workbench

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2 thoughts on “Woodworking in America – Postscript

  1. I’ve never been to WIA. Maybe next year. Glad you got to go and I like your photos. 🙂

    • wilburton

      I hope you are able to attend next year. You would really enjoy all the activities. Lots of fun and educational as well.

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