New Project: A Mitered Box


Box and Interior Compartments

This box was built based on a design in Fine Woodworking magazine. The basic box is constructed of quarter-sawn white oak sides, a walnut top and spruce bottom. The oak was re sawn and the cuts were made to have the grain run continuously around the perimeter. The spruce came from a reclaimed piano. The interior compartments are maple. The handle is a special piece of teak, which was reclaimed from the original deck of the World War II battleship, U.S.S. North Carolina.  

The top and bottom ride in very narrow dados. The box is assembled and then the top is cut off on the bandsaw.


Oak, Walnut, Teak and Spruce Box

I used Brusso solid brass hinges, which allow the top to open approximately 90 degrees. The piece is finished with a Danish Oil mixture. The trays inside may end up with flocking, but I am still evaluating whether to go with that. 

I really like the way this box came together. It has good proportions and the grain in the oak takes advantage of the mitered corners. I may try this design again with different woods, just to see how it might look with less contrast between the top and sides.

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One thought on “New Project: A Mitered Box

  1. Jessica

    Pretty! I especially like the way that the dividers in the pull-out trays are arced so you can use them as a handle. That’s probably a normal thing, but I don’t make beautiful boxes by hand šŸ™‚

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