A Home for Hand Tools

After becoming the proud owner of a 26″ long wooden plane, I quickly realized that I had no place to store it. In truth, a lot of my hand tools have been stored in drawers underneath my workbench. This works fine for the most part, but only a few tools actually had individual locations that were specifically made for them. The rest had their general spots in a drawer. The idea of building a hanging tool cabinet has been in the back of my mind for quite sometime. The old plane provided the impetus to get busy building something.

I have constructed the cabinet from birch plywood. I am thinking of this as a working prototype which will be modified over time until it feels right. I have already moved some things around to make them more accessible. There are also multiple ways of holding/securing a tool, and I am trying different solutions.

The overall cabinet measures about 30″ tall by 26″ wide by about 14″ deep. i did begin by creating a space for the jointer plane, and then moved on to many other tools. Here is a look at what I have right now. There is still some room for other items, and I am working to prioritize them.

Tool Cabinet

Tool Cabinet

I have tried to organize different types of tools in some sensible system, but the organizational aspect has to be weighed against the space available.

Once the doors are opened, there is a panel on the right which both pulls out on drawer slides and pivots on a piano hinge, which reveals another panel before reaching the back wall of the cabinet.

With panel pulled out and pivoted

With panel pulled out and pivoted

As I said, this will be a prototype, which allows me to tweak things and make some improvements. At least I have a significant number of hand tools which now have a specific place to reside.

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2 thoughts on “A Home for Hand Tools

  1. Good work. How long did you spend on this ? I’m building a tool cabinet and now that I see this I’m wishing I went the plywood route for for quick satisfaction.

  2. wilburton

    It was a pretty quick project. I haven’t had much time to work on anything lately! I did most of it in a weekend, and have just been rearranging a few things since then. I purposely built it with mostly mechanical fasteners so it can be taken apart at a later date. BTW, I hung it on the wall with a “French cleat,” and I was a bit concerned about it holding. But, it holds great, very strong. Good luck with your cabinet project!

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