Woodworking Class in Maine


Flat Rate boxes

Next month, I will travel to Rockport, Maine for a class in box-making. I have made quite a few boxes in my workshop over the years, but this class is about making puzzle boxes, with hidden “combinations” to unlock various compartments. It should be a lot of fun!

In preparation for the class, I have been having a little fun by building a few boxes to hold some of the hand tools I will be taking with me. Two boxes will be sent by USPS, so I designed them to fit into a large size flat rate Postal Service box. Others will be in my checked baggage. I will be taking/sending a couple of hand planes, saws, chisels, scrapers, measuring and marking stuff, and the necessary stuff to keep edges sharp.


Plane Boxes

One design criteria was to fit the USPS box. Another was that everything had to be made from stuff I had on hand. In the process, I used oak, sycamore, cherry, and chestnut. The sharpening box has a top made from scrap Formica and teak, which holds the sharpening stones.



This will be my very first trip to Maine. Its doubtful that I will have much time to see the area, but I hope to be able to play tourist for a little while between classes. At the very least, a trip to Lie Nielsen Toolworks  will be on the agenda.




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3 thoughts on “Woodworking Class in Maine

  1. Welcome to Maine a few days early! I do hope you have time to explore, Rockland has a lot going on, good restaurants, fabulous art museum., fun shops. I hope you have a wonderful time and learn lots of fun skills.

    • wilburton

      Thank you for the welcome. It does look like a great place to visit. And as a bonus I am looking forward to escaping the Carolina heat and humidity!

      • Well, I hope we can accommodate that! It has been pretty darned hot and humid here by Maine standards this summer. But I have had other visitors from the south and my idea of putridly hot and humid is their idea of a pretty good day. Hope it holds for you, too!

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