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Dining Chair Progress

Dining Chair Progress

Getting everything fit together, and a first time through sanding. I have ordered an oxblood red leather hide to cover the seat, and will fume the chairs with ammonia just as I did the table. So far, so good. There will be two chairs to begin with: the second is just a step or two behind this one in the construction process.

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Constructing Chairs

Chair Construction Progress

Now that we have a new table, it only makes sense to build chairs to match. The dining table was from a Fine Woodworking magazine plan, and I found a chair plan from Fine Woodworking as well. Chairs are much more complicated than tables. Much more complicated than chests of drawers. Much more complicated than most of the items I have been building. There are lots of curves and odd angles, angled mortises, and lots of steps that have to be done in the correct order. I hope to eventually make six chairs, but I am beginning with just two. So far I have spent about as much time making templates and jigs needed to build the chair as I have spent on actual chair construction. Here’s a photo of construction progress.

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